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gracias YOGA 

There is always something
to be thankful for.

Yoga Yoga Facial  Mindfulness Liria Minassian

Do you want to feel  comfortable  with your body?

Have you thought of 

being in charge 

of having a healthy mind with lower stress level?  

Would you like to learn

to  slow down

  the ageing process

in a natural way?

Yoga. Mindfulness. Face Yoga.

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Sin fondo

What my students say

Face Yoga

The change in the face is very noticeable... The cheekbone was sunken before and now it is being filled in.



Thank you for taking me to discover Mindfulness. It is a tool that will  accompany me for life, which I use in those difficult times where I need to calm down and connect with myself.



Face Yoga

Very good exercises. The videos help me a lot...they are excellent. Very clear explanations.


Yoga classes

I want to thank yoga and you for that immense  

contribution to the physical and mental balance that lead us into living all the  areas of our life to the full.


Mindfulness Workshop

Beautiful and useful experience.

It provides concrete tools to live more fully here and now. It is clear that Liria is a capable teacher and that she is constantly training


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