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Thanks Yoga for Facebook

  • 4 classes available in my private group Thanks Yoga for Facebook

  • 4 weeks to access classes whenever and wherever you are

  • Available every day 24 hours a day

  • Classes are renewed every 4 weeks as well as your participation in the group

More advantages: 

Ideal if you have irregular hours and cannot commit to a scheduled class


  • It allows you to take the recorded classes as many times as you want during a period of 4 weeks

  • You can experience how practice feels different every day with repetition. Fascinating experience.

  • No schedule.

  • You enter the group when you want and you choose what class you want to do at that moment.  

  How can I access?

Super simple

  • Scroll down and enter Facebook logo and like Gracias Yoga
  • Make your payment by Transfer
  • Send me the receipt by WhatsApp
  • You will receive an invitation to join the group and voila

Prices and info of other classes click HERE

Transfer payment 

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