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Workshop on Compassion and Self-compassion

In the world we live in today, there is a general demand look. Errors are not covered even though we are human beings.
In line with this way of seeing life, we try to please most of the time, to fulfill what is expected of us. We do not allow ourselves to be wrong and in the face of error we judge ourselves harshly. We transfer this same demand to others, judging their behavior. Thus, removed from our emotions, we stop recognizing our own suffering and that of the other.
In this workshop on  From Compassion and Self-compassion, we will bring a loving gaze to ourselves and to others.

Workshop on Communication: 


"Listening is not hearing ..... When we attribute an interpretation to a sound, we go from the phenomenon of hearing to the phenomenon of listening ... Listening is not a simple phenomenon. Many factors intervene in the way we listen and in the the way we are listened to ... Today we have the imperative to learn to listen better in order to be able to live together in harmony. " --Esteban Echeverría--
How is our message heard? By whom is it listened to? Do we know how to listen? With what level of care do we do it? When do we feel heard?
In this workshop we will delve into the influence of listening on interpersonal communication. 
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