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Interpersonal communication


"Listening is not hearing ..... Listening is not a simple phenomenon. Many factors intervene in the way we listen and in the way we are listened to ... Today we have the imperative to learn to listen better to be able to live together in harmony. " --Esteban Echeverría--


How is our message heard? Do we know how to listen? With what level of care do we do it? When do we feel heard?


In this workshop we will delve into the influence of listening on interpersonal communication, exploring through practices.

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5 Mindfulness Encounters

We cover the fundamental aspects and practices of Mindfulness. 

In each meeting we work with:

-Conscious movements

-Mindfulness meditation

-Everyday topics to bring Mindfulness into your life

You will have a PDF booklet for the readings and written explorations

Access to the audios that will help you guide you to practice during the week.


It is a path of exploration aimed at reducing stress,

to alleviate your suffering, to know you a little more.

I invite you to go through it together.


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on Compassion

In the world we live in today, there is a general demand look. Errors are not covered even though we are human beings. We try to please most of the time, to fulfill what is expected of us. Faced with error, we judge ourselves harshly. And we carry this same demand in our relationship with others. Thus, removed from our emotions, we stop recognizing our own suffering and that of the other.

In this workshop we will take a loving look at ourselves and others. 

Pareja Meditando

J ueves of by

6 pm

Sustained Practice of Mindfulness

We meet for two hours every 15 days to share practices and renew our energies with the support of the group; to deepen the knowledge of the theoretical part of Mindfulness and include in some opportunities notions of other meditative practices. Those who sustain this activity throughout the year may be able to benefit more from  days of silence or retreats if they wish to do them in the future. And more than anything, to learn to relate in another way, perhaps a little more "wise", with the everyday.


Once a month

xxxxx 18 hours

Mindfulness Refresher

The proposal is to meet once a month to renew our energies 

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