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What will your face look like in five years time?
Does your face really express
the way you feel inside?
Do you know how to relax the tension that accumulates in your face? What happens if you don't?
Yoga facial Profesora certificada
Yoga facial
Yoga facial
And what is
the before and after
Face Yoga like?

What is face yoga?


It is a natural, non-invasive method where we do facial exercises. We learn to work with the muscles of the face just as we do with the muscles of the body in a yoga class.

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What is a Face Yoga class like?


In a face yoga class, we do exercises and poses working with the muscles of the face in order to tone them. In other words, we go skin

improvement (although it also benefits from this practice). We go deeper by reaching the muscles. This method also includes accupressure points and relaxation practices that will bring you a lot of peace and more smiles on your face.

We are going to practice together and eventually you will get a lot of knowledge about your own face for your daily practice and daily life. 

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What are its benefits?


Among others, face yoga helps to prevent or reduce the effects of aging on the face, such as sagging, wrinkles and the effects of gravity, such as drooping eyelids, double chin, etc. 

With this method we make up for the consequences of stress on the face since we learn to relax and to release those tensions that have built up in the jaws, in the scalp and in many other areas.

It increases blood flow, circulation and consequently improves skin metabolism.

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Is it just aesthetically oriented?


Not necessarily. It will depend on you how far your want to reach or deepen this practice. For instance, by including your face on your daily routines, you may note the way you are communicating with the world. What message do your gestures give to those who look at you?

There is a whole wonderful world to discover. 

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Cuello y 
contorno del rostro

Programa online 

Programa online

Cuello y contorno del rostro


Programa de yoga facial de 21 días 


🌼 Programa de 21 días

🌼 40 ejercicios faciales

🌼 1 video de 20 minutos por dia

🌼 Cada día va variando la rutina

🌼 PDF con el orden de las prácticas

🌼 Acceso a los videos sin horario por 12 meses



🌼Pasás a formar parte de la comunidad Gracias Yoga Facial en Facebook donde podrás plantear tus dudas y compartir tus logros.

🌼1 vivo semanal en graciasyoga FB para despejar dudas


👉Mi objetivo es que logres los resultados que buscás a través de un proceso que te permita tomar las riendas de cómo querés envejecer.

👉 Que entiendas que el YOGA FACIAL es un método natural no invasivo para demorar el envejecimiento del rostro y al mismo tiempo, te permite desarrollar un nivel sano de aceptación del paso de los años.


Incluye conceptos de MINDFULNESS y sugerencias que aportaran a un estilo de vida sano y natural

Moments of an online Face Yoga workshop